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Stephen's Testimonials


"Steve is the best recruitment consultant I have worked with. Unlike so many, he is genuinely interested in finding the right opportunity for you, rather than simply placing you *somewhere*. His links to the industry mean he is very well placed to know exactly what is on offer, and he never failed to keep me informed of any developments. He clearly makes every effort to look after his candidates and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to both candidates and employers."

"Having known Steve as a Senior Partner at PwC and seen the way he works I can’t think of anyone I’d rather formally endorse as he now operates in this space.  He’s very well connected having worked in professional services for longer than I’m sure he cares to admit, is very shrewd, a very good sounding board and listens."

“Invaluable, wise, refreshing, coming from a place of genuinely having your best interests at heart”

"Honestly given my experience with you, I can't recommend you highly enough!"


"Steve’s input into developing my career as a senior tax professional over the last year has been invaluable – as a result of his coaching, I feel like I have made more progress this year than the previous five”

"Stephen, you have such a gift for this! Would totally recommend you to anyone."

"Stephen helped me massively. It was so nice to talk to someone so kind, that understands a lot more than just financials and tax. He understood me as a person. He gave me the best advice and understanding and made me feel confident about the direction I need and want to go."

"I came away from my first interaction with Stephen feeling the most confident about myself and my career I had ever been in 25 years.

I was blown away by how quickly he identified everything that was important about me and for the next stage of my career.  If you make one decision to use a coach - you must use Stephen"

"As the MD of a family owned business I deal with the ongoing stresses of running a business but also the added complexities of dealing with family members.  It can be difficult to deal with reporting lines that can be blurred between personal and business and it can also be challenging when considering added complications such as past events and future succession issues etc.   I have therefore sought the assistance of Stephen Camm who works with me to navigate through the various factors at play, often highlighting the wood amongst the trees.  I find these sessions incredibly helpful and I appreciate Stephen’s calm and non-judgement approach to help analyse how to deal with things and also how they can be interpreted in different ways.  Furthermore I would recommend the use of a ‘life coach’ to all those in senior positions, they can be lonely positions at times, and I believe Stephen helps get the best out of you."

"Thank you for all your invaluable help. I'm most grateful."

"I can definitely feel that I am back in a much more positive place with real excitement about the future. I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months as we continue to work through and launch my business plan"

"Working with you has been one of the highlights of the year"

"Thank you for all your help Steve. It’s made a massive difference to me."

“Steve’s input into developing my career as a senior tax professional over the last year has been invaluable.  As a result of his coaching, I feel like I have made more progress this year than in the previous five”.

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