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Camm Consulting

Executive Coaching

Tax Recruitment 

Business Consulting

We help:

- talented people to either succeed in their current role or find a role where they can truly fulfill their potential

- tax firms to find the best available individuals, teams and businesses to meet their needs

- new and existing businesses to create and implement successful strategies and growth plans, and to buy and sell businesses



Executive Coaching

Tax Recruitment

Business Consulting

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We listen, reflect and challenge, to help you maximise the prospects of success either in your current role or 

in a new position.

Working with you over an agreed number of sessions, we help you better understand yourself, your current role and the wider environment, giving you the knowledge and strategy to unlock a successful and satisfying career. 

Using our extensive network and knowledge of the UK tax world, we help match talented people and great roles.  

We work with tax professionals, taking time to properly understand their abilities and aspirations.

We act for businesses who are looking for tax people or teams.  We take care to properly understand your brief and recommend the best available talent.

We help source potential acquisitions, having experience of buying and selling businesses personally, on behalf of PwC and clients.

We can work with you to either build a new business or reinvigorate an existing one, applying our commercial and strategic learning from over 35 years in tax.


Stephen Camm

Stephen set up Camm Consultancy in 2020 after stepping away from PwC where he had been a senior partner for 17 years.  After a 15 year career in HMRC, Stephen was headhunted into PwC’s Tax Investigations business, which he led and built into the UK’s leading practice.
Whilst remaining a tax dispute expert, Stephen subsequently led PwC’s London Region Tax business, created a very profitable joint venture with PwC Switzerland, found, bought and managed a tax related IT business for PwC and was a founding partner in the firm’s successful FS focused private client practice. 
During his career Stephen has built up an enviable network and has recruited and coached many current tax partners and directors.  He has a reputation for being straightforward, perceptive and supportive.
Stephen has managed his own private firm, has been trustee to several family businesses and has been in demand as a sounding board for several tax businesses, new and existing.


"I came away from my first interaction with Stephen feeling the most confident about myself and my career I had ever been in 25 years.

I was blown away by how quickly he identified everything that was important about me and for the next stage of my career.  If you make one decision to use a coach - you must use Stephen"

"Unlike the competition, Steve has been there and done it at the highest level in professional practice. 

Consequently, he knows the tax world inside out, he understands and can vouch for specialist skills sets with real authority and he has an inherent sense of what a “good fit” would look like. 

Very easy and straightforward to deal with."

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"Stephen helped me massively. It was so nice to talk to someone so kind, that understands a lot more than just financials and tax. He understood me as a person. He gave me the best advice and understanding and made me feel confident about the direction I need and want to go."


"I've really appreciated your frank feedback, your firm commitment in coaching me on developing the business, your enthusiasm for my good ideas, your constructive challenge for my bad ones and your ongoing efforts to help keeping me moving in the right direction"

"Your sage advice, diplomacy, guidance and mentoring has been completely invaluable over the last few months"

“A great business mentor, who shared a lot of his personal experiences and was truly committed to helping us all develop. I cannot praise him enough for the role he played in this course"

"I can definitely feel that I am back in a much more positive place with real excitement about the future. I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months as we continue to work through and launch the business plan"